What Actually Is “Sciatica”?

Often times people who are suffering with either back pain, pain in the leg or a combination of both will call the office and say they have “sciatica”. This has become a catchall phrase but does not really tell the doctor what is actually wrong with their back or leg.

Ounnamed-18ur lower spine has nerves that branch off and head down the legs.  Some of these nerves go to the thigh, others into the groin region while others make their way all the way down to the leg to the foot.  This bundle of nerves is called the sciatic nerve.  Anything that irritates or insults these nerves can be called “sciatica”.

Knowing the pattern of the pain, or where the pain travels to (the ankle, the knee or the top of the foot etc.) allows the doctor to understand where to begin the examination.  If the nerves are irritated into the upper leg region, this would lead the doctor to begin the examination at the upper lumbar spine area. If the pain goes down the leg into the back of the ankle, this would be an indication to check the lower lumbar region.  Like wise for any number of pain patterns.

The sciatic nerve may also be irritated from a muscle in the buttocks. Often times this occurs with weight lifters, blue-collar workers and other people who use their hips and body doing strenuous activities. The sciatic nerve may also be impinged in the lower leg, at the knees or anywhere else along its course down the body.  Finally the nerve may be affected in the lower back as well as in the leg, creating what is commonly called a “double crush syndrome” meaning the nerve is injured in more than one area.

When a patient conveys this information verbally the doctor may begin to focus in and locate the causes of the “sciatica“, which as mentioned above could be many.  Some of the causes of sciatica may be an injured disc (slipped, bulging, herniated), arthritis, taught lumbar musculature, sacroilliac joint issues, lumbar facet syndrome…..as well as a few others.

The point being made is that sciatica is a blanket name for anything affecting the sciatic nerve. Reasons for these symptoms must be identified as the cause has many layers and many diagnoses. There is no single “treatment for sciatica” rather sciatica is a red flag to any practitioner that something is assaulting the nerve, a clear and concise diagnosis needs to be made and treatment that falls within the parameters of the diagnosis will get the patient out of pain and back to pre-injury status!

~Dr. Michael Guadagnino





Dr. Guadagnino Selected as One of (201) Magazine Bergen’s Top Chiropractors of 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Guadagnino, DC of Ramsey, NJ for being selected as one of (201) Magazine Bergen’s Top Chiropractors of 2017

(201) Magazine is proud to present the results of the third annual Bergen’s Top Chiropractor survey, conducted by Professional Research Services (PRS) of Troy, Mich. IMG_2614PRS contacted each licensed and active chiropractor within Bergen County. PRS asked those chiropractors in an exclusive peer-review online survey which chiropractors they would recommend, other than themselves across the county. Each Chiropractor was allowed to recommend up to three colleagues. Once the ballots were complete, each nominee was carefully evaluated on the basis of the survey results, the legitimacy of their license and their current standing with the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Chiropractors who received the highest number of votes in chiropractic medicine are featured in the Top Chiropractors for 2017.

~(201) Magazine November 2017 issue page 96.

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Another Nice Testimonial

I was having terrible trouble driving to work. I would be forced to pull over on the highway to get out and stretch my sciatic pain. Once day after standing my usual 12 hours (as a chef), it hit me like a bolt of lightning as I was standing in the middle of an important event. I just sat on the floor and burst into tears (anyone with sciatic pain knows what I am talking about). I had to go home ASAP and find a doctor fast. After calling all around with no responses or intelligent solutions I fell on deaf ears. Still crying in severe pain I happened across Dr. Michael Guadagnino in the yellow pages. When I called I had sniffled through such an intriguing story to his secretary that He Called Me back with in the next 5 minutes and said, “please come in right away I CAN help you”. After the first visit alone I was at least able to limp. I will never forget that feeling of being almost paralyzed or crippled. He thought it was best to send me for some cortisone shots at first then we started a weekly treatment regimen. After about 3 months I could actually go back to work. I still had to get a few more shots and keep up my appointments with Dr. G, but now I could function without crippling pain.

Six months later Valentines Day arrived! Upon my visit to my now “HAPPY PLACE” Dr. G introduced me to his new DRX9000! This was to be the Best Valentines Day ever for me. Which goes to show how bad my relationships have been (ha ha).

Not only was I to be treated kindly by the staff, but also I was the first patient in the office who to got use this new machine. I can still smell the new leather. But that’s not all. Dr. G is so good at his profession that I even got to watch the Honeymooners as I got treated! I never told him this but that day I cried a little bit, for all I had come through to get to this point and now I was on the road to recovery without the THREAT of SURGERY all the others demanded.

Thank God for Dr. G and his persistence for a “cure without the need for surgery”. He spared me a lifetime of regret from painful aging from surgical treatment.

The DRX9000 treatments went so well and were literally painless; I can’t believe how different a person I am today. I still keep up my appearance as maintenance with Dr. G in what is now know by all staff to be “My Happy Place”. I am a better person for it.

To this day I still recommend people who relate to my story to see this “Master of Chiropractic Care” Dr. Michael Guadagnino.

And on a personal note to the Doctor, in the immortal words of Ralph Kramden…..”Baby You’re the Greatest”.

Thank you for the ability to function again

Yvonne Arata