More Research Proving Chiropractic

There was a time when people would say they didn’t “believe in Chiropractic”, and there really wasn’t any answer to that statement. Now there are tons of pages of scientific literature that refutes any “disbelief”.  In fact “believing” in chiropractic really doesn’t even make sense grammatically.  It’s not a religion or something to believe in.  Chiropractic is a science, one that’s been around for over 100 years.

Power of the chiropractic adjustment! It’s not just for back pain! Encouraging optimal brain function.  Click on link for latest research:

Don’t Be Fooled by Spinal Decompression vs “Pulley Traction Machines”!

Many people who suffer with back pain would prefer to leave surgery as the last resort.  As the saying goes “once you cut you can’t uncut”, so they exhaust every avenue before having an operation.

In our office we treat back pain, sciatica and back disc patients with non-surgical spinal decompression using the DRX9000.  This is a very effective method and has saved countless patients from having surgery.  There is also a culture of “knock-off” traction machines that are going by the name “non-surgical spinal decompression” which are anything but decompression.  Some doctors have picked up these bargain units and are trying to pass them off as non-surgical spinal decompression machines while actually using them for patient care!

Below are a few photos of what these knock-off machines looks like. As you can see they are nothing more than a traction system with pulleys.

These systems are cumbersome, flimsy and not as effective as true spinal decompression.  In fact a lot of their marketing tries to pass off the DRX9000 research as their own statistics.

If you are suffering with chronic lower back pain, sciatica or slipped/herniated discs; if you’ve been recommended for surgery or would like to end your back pain once and for all, I would suggest looking for a doctor who uses and has success with the DRX9000.

We have been successfully treating patients with the DRX9000 for over 10 years.  We accept most insurance, and you will be satisfied with the care you received.  Call the office today and treat yourself and your back to a pain-free life!

This is what the DRX9000 True Spinal Decompression looks like.

~Dr. Michael Guadagnino