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During this unprecedented time in our history, health and well being has become the priority. The most important thing we can do is to protect one another, and ourselves from this virus.  It is also extremely important that we do not over run our healthcare system – particularly our hospitals during this time of emergency.

Chiropractic is rightfully considered an essential service, so our office will remain open unless directed by higher authorities. We are concentrating our efforts to keeping people out of pain, away from hospitals, off over-the-counter medications and not to visit pharmacies. The goal is also to keep people healthy by not having to resort to painkillers, opioids or other toxic remedies.

As we help our patients we are taking extreme measures to keep everyone safe.

Waiting Room to Remain Empty:  Through proper scheduling we are not allowing people to congregate in the waiting room. As you know the space is often a place for conversation and pleasantries. During this emergency we are not allowing anyone to hangout in the room and are distant scheduling so patients will not share time in the waiting room. When patients arrive we are placing them in a treatment room immediately.

Cleaning rooms and surfaces: After each patient is treated each room is being thoroughly cleaned down with Lysol and alcohol. This includes all tables and equipment as well as doorknobs and surfaces. The office has smelled like Lysol for the past few weeks, which is something we need to get use to.

All staff and doctor wearing gloves:  Thankfully we have a supply of gloves that have offered further protection between patients and staff. This is new territory and in an effort to prevent contact no one will be treated or exchanged anything with the front desk without gloves.

As well as repeated hand washing and using Purell, there is a container of Purell in the waiting room for patients, if they so wish to use. All laundry is removed daily and washed. Other precautions such as wearing a mask when appropriate have been implemented.

These are trying times, but as we work in the health care field to prevent overriding the system we are doing everything to keep people safe.  Within time society will return to normal and the office will be that happy friendly place people have come to enjoy visiting.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office.

Until Next Time, and Looking Forward to Better Times Ahead,

Dr. Michael Guadagnino

Chiropractic Physician

To reach Dr. Guadagnino at his Ramsey, NJ office: DrMGuad@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @Dr._Guadagnino

Help Your Immune System to Function at Its Highest Capacity!

During these trying times it is always best to build up your immune system to its fullest potential. This will help you prevent any microscopic invaders, as well as enable you to fight off any infections you may encounter. Now more than ever is the best time to strength that perfect machine that is the human body.

Foods:  There are many foods you can ingest that will help build up your body’s line of defense.  Citrus foods are loaded with vitamin C, which is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. These include oranges, grape fruits and lemons just to name a few.  Red bell peppers are also filed with Vitamin C, even more so than citrus fruits. Other fruits include kiwi, papaya and strawberries. Helpful vegetables other than peppers are broccoli and spinach, which contain vitamins A, C and E as well as many antioxidants. Almonds and sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E that helps to control and fine-tune your immune system.  Ingredients you could cook with that boost the immune system include turmeric and ginger.

Exercise:  This is something I talk about all the time, but moving your body is great for the immune system. Exercise keeps your heart pumping and moving the blood through out your body; this forces your lymph nodes to clean and remove the toxins.  The increase and deep breathing from exercise allows any bacteria and toxins to be expelled. Exercise causes a change in your white blood cells and allows these soldiers in the fight against infection to circulate more rapidly throughout your system. Exercise also helps to combat stress, where it has been shown that stress is inhibits your immunity.

Sleep:  This may be a cliche, but a full nights rest does wonders for your body. Your brain and immune system is given enough time to rest, repair and rejuvenate.  People walking around tired are risking their health in many ways.

Sunlight and fresh air:  Sunlight allows you to receive your Vitamin D from the natural source…the sun. As the weather starts to break, take some time to sit in the sun and soak in those rays. Fresh air has also shown to boost the immune system by not only supplying you with a dose of “un-stale air” but by getting you away from all those microorganisms that have been collecting indoors all winter.

Getting Adjusted: Chiropractic adjustments have shown to boost the immune system. US News and World Report published an article breaking down how an adjustment positively affects the nervous system which is linked together with the endocrine and immune systems. By correcting segmental dysfunctional in the spinal column there is a  correction that boosts both of the other two systems.  Article sited below as well as other studies have been published.

The immune system is a fascinating part of our bodies; there are many facets to it while it takes on the role of our line of defense. Improving its function can only benefit us as we deal with these issues in this very unusual time. Take control of your body, and give it every opportunity to function at is highest working capacity.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Michael Guadagnino

To reach Dr. Guadagnino at his Ramsey, NJ office: DrMGuad@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @Dr._Guadagnino



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The Aches and Pains of Working Out

Those that exercise regularly know the feeling of constantly being sore.  It is a distinct feeling to have tight pecs, sore quads or achey triceps. But every once in a while we may get flair ups of our shoulders, elbows or hips?

Before we go any further it must be said that any tissue that can continue to be damaged will need rest and proper treatment; this goes without say.  A trained professional should make the determination as to what needs to be rested and what you can work through. In this discussion we are talking about the body part that hurts but a doctors says you can work through it.

It is important to stretch prior to all workouts. This includes making sure you warm-up all muscles that you will be training on any particular day. Proper mechanics when exercising are also important as well as to properly pick up any weights or dumbbell you may be moving around the weight room.  Injuries can occur from improperly yanking dumb bells off the rack or twisting to put plates on the bar.  Everything you do in the room needs to have complete present time consciousness as you move anything you touch.

Keeping all this in mind, yes bouts of tendinitis, knots in muscles and chronic soreness can occur.  In fact it is quite common for people who train regularly to have some sort of aliment, but is a daily reminder that something is just not right.  A big part of my practice is to help athletes and exercise enthusiasts move through these complaints.

No matter how much you warm-up, cool down and watch your mechanics, a tendon or muscle could respond not as intended. Human tissue is dynamic, we may mean for some fibers to elongate, but they may not lengthen as much as we wanted and a knot could develop, or some inflammation may settle in to a contracted muscle. These things happen, but it is not cause for alarm.


In our office the most common tools we use to help these aches are the percussionmassager and IASTM techniques. We will also utilize other adjunctive therapies as well as chiropractic adjustments to help those training get through their injuries, get back to their full work out schedule and become pain free. Often times we allow our patient to train while we tailor exercises that will not further injure what ails them.

If you suffer with constant pain in the elbows, hips or shoulders, which are three such examples, do something about it.  Exercising is an important part of living which includes weight training, running or circuit training. Each of these, like anything else, can cause aches and pains; but doing something about it will enable you to continue on with your exercise program and reach your developmental goals.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Michael Guadagnino

Chiropractic Physician

To reach Dr. Guadagnino at his Ramsey, NJ office: DrMGuad@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @Dr._Guadagnino


Pathway to Health?

What is health? How can I be healthy? These are the forever questions we are always looking to answer.  Putting aside genetic programming or environmental exposures there is a pathway we can follow to be the healthiest our DNA code will allow.

Jumping right in, diet or better said “what you put into your body” is the first building block as to how you can best express health. I recommend to eat as close to a plant base diet as you can. The benefits of eating this way have been well documented including getting your protein straight from the source as opposed through the “middle man”; the animal. Our bodies are much more conducive to eating plants than animals. We should also try to stay away from processed food, rather eating as fresh as possible. Like they say with computers, garbage in – garbage out; it’s the same with your body.

We should exercise regularly. There are many forms of exercise, many pathways to take and various degrees of intensity. How ever you slice it, we need to move, to get our blood circulating and our lungs expanding. Exercise has shown to have a strong immune system boost, it keeps our bones strong and has a positive hormonal effect on our entire body. If you haven’t exercised in a while or if you have never exercised, start simple with some walking. As you start to train you will find your body and mind want more where the natural progression will be to pick up the intensity.


Never take for granted to importance of rest which not only includes sleep but plain old down time. Your psyche needs to just “chill”, this allows your adrenal glands to rest keeping you out of the constant flight or fight pattern we are always experiencing. A new study stated that Americans get on average 5 1/2 hours of sleep every night, yet science has said we need 8 hours.  This means in a regular work week an average American is depriving themselves out of 12 1/2 hours of sleep. Sleep has also been shown to help the brain heal and rest. The brain controls all the body functions, so a well rested brain will improve all aspects of metabolism and immunity.

Speaking of your brain, it needs exercise too. This would mean reading, doing puzzles or watching “smart TV” such as documentaries or other programs that require thinking. There have been studies that link the slowing of dementia and reading daily. We need to work those neuronal connections so they stay sharp.

These are just a few of the important points to staying health naturally. It doesn’t take just one element, but when all are included it can help you reach your level of optimum daily and long term health.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Michael Guadagnino

Chiropractic Physician

To reach Dr. Guadagnino at his Ramsey, NJ office: DrMGuad@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @Dr._Guadagnino

New Year, New Goals….Reach all of them this year

With the new year comes a new sense of optimism and an opportunity to reach select goals. As we learn with every adventure, things don’t always go as smoothly as we would like. Life is a battle and one where perseverance helps you prevail.  So how can we get past those sticking points, and achieve those resolutions?

I have found that writing things down, making notes and lists is the best way to reach those goals. Once you write them down stick them somewhere in a place that you look at often. On the mirror in your bathroom, next to your bed, on your work desk, or whatever place works for you. Read them daily, in fact read them multiple times during the day.

Moment to moment it is difficult to see the results, but moment to moment you need to remind yourself what you want to achieve. When things are going so well, take a minute to let out the steam, then collect yourself and get back to your goals. Only that movement forward helps you to reach your aspirations. There was a great movie clip in one of the Rocky movies that clearly defines how to get yourself from points A to point B, C….Z.  It’s not easy, but if you work hard enough and keep yourself moving forward the goals you set for January 1st, will be realized and reached as you work along April 1st, July 1st and every other day of the year.

Until next time and Happy New Year,


Dr. Michael Guadagnino

Chiropractic Physician

To reach Dr. Guadagnino at his Ramsey, NJ office: DrMGuad@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @Dr._Guadagnino

Help For The Most Common Cause of Back Pain

Over my 25+ years of practice I have seen hip flexor strains and spasms as the main cause of back pain. Common complaints from someone suffering with hip flexor issues is an inability to extend backwards, problems rising from a seated position and an overall difficulty “standing up straight”.

The hip flexors are made up of four main muscles that generally start at the lumbar spine, cross the hip and attached to the upper leg. Pain can be felt in the lower back all the way to the leg or even the knee. Sometimes people think they have sciatica because they feel leg pain, but it may be just a hip flexor injury. Because of the size and location of the hip flexor muscles injuries may be VERY PAINFUL.

The best way to prevent this type of injury is to stretch these muscles, and to do so regularly. There are three basic stretches you can do: 1. hip swing, 2. standing lunge and 3. kneeling lunge. Of course there are other exercises you can add, but for the point of our discussion and keeping it simple, these three exercise are sufficient. They do not take much time to perform and should be included in your stretching program. (you can watch these exercises demonstrated in the quick video below).



Hip flexor strains or spams can be very painful and debilitating. These three exercises can be used as part of rehabilitating an injury as well as preventing an injury. If you have suffered with a chronic lower back injury it would really help to add these simple exercises to your stretching routine.

It’s always best to prevent an injury from occurring, if an injury does occur, with proper support and treatment you can be on the quick path to healing.

Until Next Time,


Dr. Michael Guadagnino

Chiropractic Physician

To reach Dr. Guadagnino at his Ramsey, NJ office: DrMGuad@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @Dr._Guadagnino

The Big Test in New Jersey on whether Corporatism and Lobbyist Affect 3.7 Million People’s Insurance Coverage

On November 1st the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance will rule on whether New Jersey Blue Cross/Blue Shield health plans may use an outside 3rd party company to authorize or deny various forms of physical medicine for providers. There has been heavy lobbying by the insurance carrier in an effort to legally not fund treatment deemed necessary by licensed NJ doctors, therapists and acupuncturist.

Most plans cover somewhere around 30 visits for some sort of physical medicine. Subscribers pay for these visits from either wage garnishes, out-of-pocket payments or from their funded retirement plans. In an effort to save costs Horizon is looking to contract with an out-of-state third party provider who will “review” all claims which includes sending providers a plethora of paperwork to justify care. The company they have chosen has a reputation of denying the insured visits they have rightfully paid for as well as have been deemed medically necessary by providers licensed and vetted by the State of New Jersey. In fact this outside company recently settled out of court for $11.8 million because they were denying subscribers reimbursement for necessary treatment.

So where does this leave New Jersey and the power of the people versus corporatism and lobbyist? As of last month the Governor received over 170,000 emails from concerned citizens asking that this agreement not be approved. Various Assemblypersons and Senators are against it, while some wish to remain silent or actually support this insurance company mission. If the NJDOBI green lights this relationship, those with Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage would be left paying for health care they cannot access.

In the coming weeks we will see if the alliance between corporate sweetheart deals and political favors wins the day…..or should I say loses the day for 3.7 million New Jersey residents.

Dr. Michael Guadagnino

Chiropractic Physician

What is the BEST Treatment Option for a Herniated Disc?

We have been providing treatment for back and neck pain in Bergen County since 1992.

There is a lot of information out there on how to diagnose and treat a herniated disc in the low back. Some of it is good and some not so good. Our recommendations come from over a quarter century of front line experience, as well as our relationships with surgeons, radiologists and patients.

What most people don’t realize is that a herniated disc is very common. In fact, many people have them and do not even realize it. And when you are diagnosed with a herniated disc it is not the end of the world. And, it does not mean you automatically need back or neck surgery.

Often, a herniated disc will heal on it’s own. It just depends on the nature and severity of the condition and the patients overall health profile. All cases are different.

One thing for sure. Chiropractic adjustments should be considered as the #1 treatment option. This has been proven over and over again. Prior to anyone surgery non-invasive approaches should be tried first, because once you “cut” you can’t “uncut”.

It is common for people with what is called “failed back surgery syndrome” to enter our office.  The number one factor on whether we can help these individuals or not is dependent on what

DRX9000 004

Patient being treated on the DRX9000 with non-surgical decompression therapy.

was done to their spine in the operation.  Did they have screws, mesh-nettings, rods etc installed.  Any hardware makes it difficult for us to further treat, which again is why it is best to try every option before going under he knife.

In the event that chiropractic adjustments fail to deliver favorable outcomes there is a logical “next step”. It’s called nonsurgical spinal decompression. The machine we use is the DRX9000. The DRX9000 is designed and built to treat herniated and bulging discs in the lumbar spine nonsurgically. It is considered the gold standard for drugless disc treatment. You can find out more at www.BackPainRamsey.com.

So, if you have been diagnosed with a herniated or bulging disc in the low back, what should you do?

Our recommendation is that you find a clinic that has both chiropractic and spinal decompression.  Our office is located at 161 N. Franklin Tpke in Ramsey, NJ.  It’s right off Route 17 and easy to locate.  In our office we treat with traditional chiropractic, cold laser therapy and spinal decompression  as well as a host of other treatment options.

To find out if you are a candidate for spinal decompression therapy in Bergen County please call 201-825-6601 and ask for a complimentary consultation. Our parking lot comes right up to our front door to accommodate all our patients.

Until Next Time,

~ Dr. Guadagnino

But He Shouldn’t Be “Cracked”

We recently had a consultation cancelled by an 85-year old man because his medical doctor told him not to see a Chiropractor; he told this gentleman he shouldn’t be “cracked” at his age. My first thought was, why would I ever “crack” an 85-year old man and why would his medical doctor even say I would “crack” him.

As a Chiropractor I understand that the general description of a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is to call it by the sound it often makes – crack; but Chiropractors do a lot more than just “crack” all their patients. I would say that at least 40% of all my patients do not receive a typical chiropractic adjustment (crack). Instead our office utilizes multiple therapeutic techniques including ultra-sound, electrical muscle stimulation, interferential stimulation, cold laser, spinal decompression, flexion-distraction technic, percussion massage and activator adjusting techniques.  None of which offers the “crack”.

pexels-photo-1635907I also see many patients that do receive traditional adjustments and some of those do not wish to have their neck adjusted or their lower back manipulated. The treatment we perform in the office is very diverse, it isn’t the cookie-cutter “crack” that is often thought of when you visit a chiropractor’s office.

To go back to the 85-year old gentleman who wanted to visit the office and see if we could offer him relief without drugs, it’s a shame he was given such false information and a reinforcement of common misunderstanding that occurs in my office or another chiropractor’s office. We have learned over the years that medicating seniors isn’t the safest option, which could increase confusion and symptoms of dementia. A safe drugless option would be a better solution. One thing I can tell you, the odds that I would perform a traditional chiropractic adjustment on an 85-year old are basically zero.

Our office does receive referrals from medical doctors and many times before the patient arrives the doc will call me to ask what are my methods of treatment.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
Albert Einstein

Until next time,

Dr. Michael Guadagnino, DC

@Dr._Guadagnino        NY NJ Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Center


Can I be Helped with DRX9000 Spinal Decompression?

Many times when people with back pain enter the office they invariably ask if the big machine in that room can help them. I always respond with “it depends on what is causing your back pain”. Not everyone can be treated on the DRX9000 and not everyone should be treated on the DRX9000 – regardless of what ad you may have seen online or in the paper. I usually explain to the patient that someone has to have a real bad back issue before we consider putting them on the machine.

What is a “really bad back issue” that requires the DRX9000? The first condition we always discuss is a lower back disc injury. Disc bulges and herniations may be a reason someone can be treated on the DRX9000. It is important to assess if the disc is actually causing the lower back or leg pain.  Recent studies have shown that positive disc findings on MRI have a high degree of NOT causing back or leg pain. A thorough history and examination can determine if the disc in question is actually causing the pain.  If it is not, then we do not treat it symptomatically, we may prescribe some exercises to keep that disc from one day causing pain.

12193670_10153079288422007_5420899305940277484_n-2-2Should it be identified that the disc in question is causing the pain, then we need to look further into the patient’s symptoms.  Do they have any stenosis, and if so what is the cause?  As discussed in a previous article, stenosis is just the closing in of a hole; in this definition the hole that the nerve enters and exits. That could be the sciatic nerve or other spinal nerves.  If there is stenosis is it boney or soft tissue?  Boney stenosis is self-explanatory; for some reason a bone is impinging on the hole that the nerve transverses through.  In this case we do not proceed further with DRX9000 treatment.  If it is soft tissue, such as the disc or an adjacent ligament, then spinal decompression treatment is very much indicated.

We follow this process with all lower back injuries to see if they could be treated with the DRX9000. Other injuries that could be helped are facet arthrosis/arthritis (joints that connect one vertebrae to the other that are injured or inflamed) and some forms of scoliosis that cause back pain.

There are true contraindications for spinal decompression which include surgery within the last 6 months, metal implants, mesh and other hardware.  We generally do not treat anyone with the DRX9000 if they have boney central canal stenosis because they have poor outcomes.

Back to the first question, who can be helped with the DRX9000? Someone who may suffer with any of the above issues without the contraindications; in these cases we will consider DRX9000 as a viable treatment option.  If someone cannot be treated with spinal decompression,  we do offer other treatment options and therapies that have excellent out comes; again depending on the results of the full analysis.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Michael Guadagnino, Chiropractic Physician